Request a re-inspection under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

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You can use this form to request a new inspection be carried out which will result in a new score being given.  You will need to justify below the improvements made since the last inspection, otherwise we reserve the right to reject your request.  Please refer to your inspection report to complete each section and say what you have done to address the items raised.  

Please note that there is a fee payable for each re-inspection and this is currently £150.  Payment by Debit Card is required at the end of this form to allow your request to be submitted. If you wish to pay by Cheque please contact Melton Borough Council to request a manual form. You can request as many re-inspections as you wish, though each are chargeable.

If you wish to send documentary proof by email, such as pictures of any improvements or of documents now kept, you can do so in the form.

What happens next

We have three months from receipt of your valid request and payment for a re-inspection to carry out the visit.  If we do not do this in time you can complain via the Council's standard complaints procedure.

The inspection will be unannounced and is a full inspection, which may cover issues not raised at the first visit.

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